40 kWh Lithium Ion Battery Pack
The EGENset is a battery-electric replacement for traditional diesel gensets. It burns no fuel, creates no emissions and has operational costs that are only 25% of the operational costs of a traditional genset. The 40 kWh model provides up to 14 hours of continuous power, and the 80 kWh version provides up to 24 hours of continuous power.

Features & Overviews

40 kWh Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Adjustable Capacity

Tailor your pack to your needs: 40- or 80- kWh packs available

Lighter Weight

Weighs less than traditional gensets (1350 lbs vs 1800 lbs)¹

Lower Cost

Reduce your operational costs through fuel and maintenance savings

Adaptive Charging

Fast charging capability means 1.5 – 4 hours of charge time²


Operate within closed door building

No diesel means no noise, no pollution, and no messes

Lower Profile

Units have a lower height than traditional gensets (18.2 in. vs 31 in.)

Data Sheet

Advanced Communication Technologies

Remotely track important data for peace of mind through LX Connect™

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Battery pack comes with full training and 24/7 technical support

¹ based on 40-kWh battery pack
² charge time is dependent on product configuration